The Design of the Kinsel System



Our columns are available in either rectangular or square shapes and come in a wide range of widths, depths and heights. Rectangular columns come with a single row of fasteners for 6" columns and a double row for deeper units. Square columns allow designers to create continuous configurations for office or library applications. All our columns have the ability to be free standing or extend from floor to ceiling by simply adding our compression hardware. 

Single Row Fasteners

Double Row Fasteners



Our shelving is available in either solid wood or powder coated steel. Wood shelves are rated at 30 lbs per lineal foot while our metal shelving can handle 40lbs per lineal foot.

Powder Coated Metal

Solid Wood



Our cabinetry is constructed from solid domestic hardwood. No MDF or particle board for fasteners to pull out of.  No edge banding to chip or boards to sag. Our doors and drawer fronts are solid wood. Drawers are constructed from 5/8"th solid hardwood with dovetail construction. Drawers are available with either side or undermount drawer slides. 

SOLID HARDWOOD Construction 




Wood & Stain Finishes


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