Introducing The Kinsel System

custom configuration 

The Kinsel System is a building block concept for creating interior furnishings and structures. In the hands of a design professional, our products can be combined to create work stations, room partitions, library shelving, back bars, entertainment centers, closets systems, and much more.




Relocate. Reconfigure. Expand. 

The majority of products in today's marketplace are static in nature, i.e.: they can not be altered, modified or changed.  These products stand in sharp contrast to the growing needs and fluidity of our modern society. Whether it's a residential or a business environment, the requirements of each will change with time. The Kinsel System was intentionally designed to give users the ability to relocate, reconfigure and expand their system as needed. 


The Kinsel system is based around wood columns which contain a matrix of embedded fasteners. These fasteners create multiple attachment points for components such as desks, cabinets, shelving, panels, devices, etc.. Columns and components connect using standard, over the counter, machine screws. The simple, mechanical nature of our system allows for easy installation, reconfiguration and expansion.



An investment for the future. 

When it comes to durability, we stand heads and shoulders above our competition. We construct our products from solid hardwood and cold rolled steel. Our products are designed to be "generational" in their life expectancy. All our products can be maintained, touched up and refurbished over time.  The structural nature of our columns combined with our unique, mechanical fastening system result in a system that will stand up to heavy loads and endless reconfiguration. Whether it's a vinyl record collection, or a library application, we've got you covered.



Kinsel grows with you.

A cornerstone concept behind our design is to let individuals "build" products which best suit their needs. We accomplish this by creating a menu of components, parts and pieces, which individuals use as building blocks to bring their ideas to fruition. This open menu allows end users to expand their system at any time or as needs change.  


Beautiful By Nature

Generational thinking.

The Kinsel System is natural product. Our wood components are constructed from solid, domestic hardwoods, not ground up, chemically processed sawdust.  As designers, we have a responsibility to society and to the planet that sustains us. We believe we lessen our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint by creating long lived products.  All our products can be repaired and refurbished. The natural beauty and strength of hardwood combined with the durability of steel will hopefully serve our customers for generations.



Kinsel system is handmade in

Eau Claire, Wisconsin 


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